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Strip poker description

Strip poker is a sexual game loosely based on poker where the objective is to get a player (opponent or self) to remove clothing.

The game can be played by any number of players and with any rules.

For those interested in playing a game, consider each round being a hand of 5-card draw poker. At the end, the owner of the worst hand decides which piece of clothing they will give up, and the owner of the best hand removes it from them.

There are no known professional associations. The U.S. TV show Strip Poker is in fact a general knowledge quiz, albeit one where contestants take their clothes off. There is no real necessity for cards—any game can be referred to as 'strip poker' so long as the removal of clothing is involved.

While a popular subject for pornographic fantasy, genuine research into strip poker as a form of sexuality is lacking. The element of risk and of (mock) coercion fits in with a general sexual approach of domination and submission and/or humiliation.

Strip poker and other sexual games can occur:

* as part of a mature sexual relationship, where the objective is to provide variety alongside intercourse (possibly introducing more adventurous/deviant forms of intercourse)

* as a ritual of courtship (in some circumstances it may be more acceptable for partners to enter intimate situations as part of a game)

* as recreation amongst adults with no intention to move towards intercourse

* as part of a pornographic display (whether as part of prostitution or not) which combines sexual titillation with the normal interest of seeing a game played

* as a party game for youth.

* as the basis of television game shows such as

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